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    Looking south towards Manzanita 

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    Flight to the edge of space in a Lockheed U-2, by Christopher Michel.



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    Exploring Sarajevo’s Abandoned Olympic Park

    To see more photos and videos of Sarajevo’s Olympic bobsled and luge track, explore the Olimpijski Bob Staza and Trebević location pages.

    Stark against the dense forests of Trebević mountain stands a crumbling, brightly adorned concrete track built for the 1984 Olympic Games in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    The track, used for bobsledding and the luge competitions until 1991, primarily draws hikers and graffiti artists these days. It bears the marks not only from the passage of time, but also from the wars that plagued Bosnia and Herzegovina during the 1990s.

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    Buy The Walking Dead Items ==> http://bit.ly/173ReYr

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    i can’t stop laughing at this dumb shit omfg

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    Mini dog made from dog fur. [imgur]


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    鳩サブレクリップ (Taken with instagram)


  13. I thought this was a good political cartoon - Imgur

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    Perfume FES!! 2014


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    The 2014 Sapporo Snow Festival Begins in Sapporo, Japan

    To see more photos and videos of this year’s snow festival, explore the さっぽろ雪まつり SAPPORO SNOW FESTIVAL, 大通公園 (Odori Park), つどーむ and すすきの (Susukino) location pages.

    The 65th Sapporo Snow Festival (さっぽろ雪まつり) began yesterday in the northern city of Sapporo, Japan. The week-long festival is one of the biggest winter events in the country, displaying hundreds of snow statues and ice sculptures in three venues across the city. Millions of visitors from around the world gather to marvel at the towering snow art and the elegantly shaped figures made of ice.

    The Japan Self-Defense Forces, local construction companies, guest teams from abroad and local volunteers spend up to one month completing their projects. In addition to featuring trends and icons from the previous year, this year’s snow sculptures also showcase famous architectural structures such as the tomb of Itimad-ud-Daula in India and Malaysia’s Sultan Abdul Samad building.